About Paper

We use paper every day. For a print, tissue and a magazine, a newspaper, etc.
However, although they are the same papers, material and the feature completely differ from a kind.

Then, why a difference was produced. Moreover, how has it developed?

1. First, with paper, after making a plant fiber scattering with water, taking it out and making it distribute underwater, it flattens, and wrings and dries moisture.

Although many wood fibers are used with "pulp" in the aggregate of the fiber of the plant used for making paper , in addition to this, medicine, such as dye, is used auxiliary now.

2.There are some processes in manufacture of paper and the method of “Suki” and the method of finish change with kinds of paper. Generally, there is such a production method.

First, it divides into what (a non-bleached pulp) shall not bleach after tearing the wood chip used as materials apart using medicine or a machine and washing (bleached pulp).

Second, the taken-out fiber is struck, chemical pulp and recycled pulp are mixed, and medicine is put in.

Third, that with which a fiber and medicine were mixed is put in the paper maker. And the made large-sized paper is cut out and packed.

Thus, what kind of kind and what kind of role are among the completed papers?

3.Although the main work of paper is three, "it records", "it wrapping", and "it wiping off". And it is necessary to unite it with each use, and it needs to adjust a color, intensity, and the quantity of medicine.
If the kind of paper is large, is divided into eight of the industrial- and office-use printing paper, packing paper,
health paper, crossbred paper, liner and corrugating medium, the paperboard for carton boxes, stencil paper for food, and newspaper rolling-up paper is divided still more finely in it, it will turn into thousands of kinds.
For example, industrial- and office-use printing paper is used for a textbook, books, and a dictionary and works on increasing medicine which make easy to turn over the page and which are making it hard to get tired in eyes yellowish etc. There are many things strong at light brown, such as an envelope and Japanese vellum in a packing paper. A health paper is used for toilet paper or tissue, it passes in water, or in order to make it hard to tear, it is adjusting the quantity of medicine. Crossbred papers are thin and white stencil paper, such as a Japanese writing paper and shoji paper. It is used for a liner and corrugating medium making corrugated paper, such as a partition in corrugated paper, as a name. The paperboard for carton boxes is used for a carton or thick printed matter, and the manila board said to be the best in a paperboard is contained here. A milk carton is one of the main things of the stencil paper for food, and in order that water may make it hard to sink in and tear, the paper processed with the film is used. Many recycled pulp with the strength which can be equal to the high-speed printing of a newspaper rolling-up paper newspaper is used. Thus, if it classifies in detail even if it calls it "paper" at a word, it will turn out that there are various differences.

4.The "papyrus" used by Mesopotamian civilization has a use as paper in the very first in the world, and serves as the English "paper" origin of a word. However, since the papyrus was added water, pushed and hardened it in piles and dried the stalk of papyrus grass, unlike the definition of the present paper, it cannot be strictly said to be paper. The origin of what is used as the present "paper" now is "放馬灘紙 " excavated in China in 1986, and the map of 漢 was drawn on this paper.  It was told to Japan by the 高句麗 priest in 610. This was for spreading Buddhism as a copy material of sutra-copying, accomplished the development original with a book later, and was able to do "Japanese paper." It is also possible for it to be made from handmade even now and to make by oneself using a milk carton etc.  When a surface slide becomes good and became easy to write a character with development of technology, it spread to the Islamic world or Europe and many papermills were also made. It is "the foreign paper which Keller discovered the paper which used wood as materials in 1840, and was completed here." The foreign paper was manufactured by the main material using the machine in wood, and the first foreign paper factory to introduce a European and American machine in 1873 was founded by Japan. Paper can roughly be divided into three which added the paperboard (board) to above two.