Many kinds of packing material

There are many kinds of packing material, for example, bubble sheets and cardboard.
In this page, I will introduce you about some kinds of packing material.

1. Cardboard

This is one of the most popular packing material. Nowadays we often see “the cardboard box”.
The cardboard was born in the UK in 1856, which was used for absorbing sweat, so the form of it was wavy. After about twenty years, cardboard was used as packing material for glasses in the US. After few years one-side cardboard was developed in the UK, which was made of wavy one and the flat one. And after few years the both-side cardboard, which has one wavy cardboard and two flat ones was developed.

Later, Japan imported the cardboard. The First production of it was began in 1909(Meiji 42) in Japan. A businessman, Sadajiro Inoue was succeed in making the machine which can make cardboard large quantities. He was also the godfather of cardboard.

Before that, it is normal that goods are carrying put in the wood box, however, cardboard box replaced it because it costs lower and is light and stronger than woods. And also, during WW2, iron and woods were used for military preferentially. The factor was damaged by the air raid, however, after 1950, a cabinet encouraged the use of cardboard in spite of woods because they wanted to protect the woods. And now, the production of cardboard is 13 billion and 6 million m2 in 2013.

2. bubble sheetsプチプチつぶし/ より
People usually call it “puchi-puchi”, but this is registered trademark of Kawakami industry stock company. Its full name is Kiho- Kansho-zai. There are also some registered trademarks called “air cap” and “Mina cap”. This is one of the most popular packing material for precision machines and something fragile, and there are many kinds of bubble sheet. For example, a form of bag and tube.

3. Loose-fill material
This one buries the room between goods and box and protect the goods, rather than cover the goods. The characteristic of this is that most of this is made from corn and has biodegradability. So, if it was buried in the ground, it is disappeared. Also, it isn’t made from oil, so when it is burned, the harmful gas doesn’t occur. This is one of the eco-friendly packing material.

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